Metro Express Service Offers Air Conditioning Inspection Services in Arlington TX

Metro Express Service has been offering air conditioning inspection services in Arlington TX. - by Randy Murphy - 2012/03/26

Arlington, Texas (Press Release – March 26, 2012)Metro Express Service has been offering air conditioning inspection services in Arlington TX.


An air conditioning inspection from the Arlington TX air conditioning experts at Metro Express Service can ensure that when summer can’t strike the families. A fully-functioning air conditioning unit will ensure that homes never overheat, irrespective of what outside temperature is. At Metro Express Service, their objective is to make the comfort and safety of families.  


With a complete air conditioning inspection, they can detect and determine any areas of insufficiency in AC unit, devising the best means of alleviating them and making sure that the AC system is operating at its peak performance levels. Their detailed inspection will increase the efficiency of system, making the unit as “green” as possible and decreasing the overall monthly utility bills. And after they complete inspection, they provide the needed maintenance, repairs, or replacement of parts that will guarantee that the system can keep people cool all summer long.


Professionals at Metro Express Service are also experienced at handling all types of air conditioning and heating installation and repair needs. They use the highest quality parts and heating and air conditioner equipment to fix the systems.


The company offers:

  • Air Conditioner Repair & Service
  • Boilers & Furnaces
  • Service Heat Pumps
  • Air Handler Maintenance & Service
  • New Thermostat Installation
  • Ductwork/Indoor Air Quality


Heating Technicians at Metro Express Offer:



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Metro Express Service was founded in 1987 and has been serving the North Texas area with pride as one of the largest residential and light commercial HVAC service companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area ever since. 

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