Colleyville Animal Clinic Offers Pet Dental Care in Colleyville, TX

Colleyville Animal Clinic has been offering pet dental care in Colleyville, TX. - by Mark Wilson - 2012/03/26

Colleyville, Texas (Press Release – March 26, 2012)Colleyville Animal Clinic has been offering pet dental care in Colleyville, TX. 


Just as the animal care and cleaning of the teeth and gums are vital to the overall health, so is the care and cleaning of pet’s mouth. Just like humans, dogs and cats are subject to unfavorable bacteria, ulcerations, receding gums, root exposure, cavities, plaque, and other unwanted oral ailments. Such problems can cause absorption of bacteria into the bloodstream and lead to heart problems and other health risks. It can cause extreme pain for pets. Dental care for pets can minimize and remove the chance of such detrimental health situations.


In order to resolve these issues, an appointment can be made to admit pets in the morning after fasting (no food and water for 12 hours). A routine blood test will be run to assure the sound health of pets prior to any procedures. With the use of anesthetic gas, pet will be relaxed and rendered unconscious so that any dental procedures required can be completed without making the pet uncomfortable.


Pet clinic offer complete veterinary services, including:


  1. Checkups and consultations
  2. Surgery, including spay/neuter
  3. Dentistry
  4. Prescription medication
  5. 5.       Hospitalization
  6. Boarding
  7. Spa and Bathing
  8. Immunizations


Colleyville Animal Clinic is an animal treatment center, hospitalization and boarding facility. They offer boarding, grooming, and surgical services. They strive to present a comfortable, friendly environment for clients and pets. Their staff and their commitment to excellence in medicine and service for the clients and patients make Colleyville Animal Clinic the premier veterinary care center in the Metroplex area.


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Colleyville Animal Clinic assists the Southlake TX area with veterinarian services such as vaccinations, surgery, adoption, dentistry, boarding, medicated baths and more. The full service animal treatment center with state of the art facilities and has a commitment to excellence in medicine and service for clients.

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Colleyville Animal Clinic
701 Glade Road Colleyville, TX
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