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REDUXX (the Mountain Side, NJ based company), is presenting the most effective, fitness and slimming solutions on the market today. - by Bernadette Coleman - 2011/07/26

Mountain Side, NJ (Press Release – July 26, 2011) – Everyone is concerned with fitness these days. People understand the severity of problems caused by excess weight, so they adopt a regular workout schedule or intensive exercises to reduce their weight. However, they are not able to get effective results quickly. REDUXX has developed a weighted exercise suit that enables users to see quick and effective weight loss results.


REDUXX is the Mountain Side, NJ based company that presents an amazing new line of weighted exercise suits. After comprehensive research, REDUXX developed TrimSuit. This innovative weighted exercise suit helps you effectively lose extra pounds of body fat. TrimSuit is a revolutionary next generation weight loss product. It works well independently, but also can be used as a catalyst by people already following a fitness program or working with experienced physical trainers.


TrimSuit is designed to help people lose weight without extra effort. They just need to wear TrimSuit by itself or underneath their clothing. The additional weights added strategically to TrimSuit forces muscles to apply a little more pressure while the body moves. Even when just doing everyday work or household chores, the REDUXX TrimSuit helps burn calories and body fat.


To learn more about the benefits of the TrimSuit offered by REDUXX, or to order one today, visit REDUXX at You can also call REDUXX at 866-413-3820 for ordering or any other queries.


Author Info – REDUXX is designing new, life-changing weight loss products for fitness conscious people. The company aims to make weight loss an easy process for all. They believe weight loss can be easily integrated into every aspect of your life. By developing REDUXX TrimSuit (the weighted exercise suit), the company has proved it is possible!

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