Creative Scenic Art Offers Faux Finishing Services in Knoxville Tennessee

Cosby, Tennessee (Press Release – February 15, 2012) – Creative Scenic Art has been offering faux finishing services for aquariums, resorts and hotels, museums and zoos and water parks in Knoxville Tennessee - by Creative Scenic Art - 2012/02/15

Creative Scenic Art is a unique company located in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee. They are the premier Knoxville TN faux finishing company, specializing in creating themed environments for both commercial and residential purposes in the form of intricate, detailed carvings of all kinds. From dragons for a mini golf course to life size cartoon figures for an amusement park, they can do it all efficiently. Hotels and restaurants can benefit greatly from creating a themed environment as everyone loves to feel like they are in a fantasy, living the dream so to speak. 

They can also give their artwork or pieces to increase the themed effect. Several different faux finishes are available for specialized art work, all applied by a certified faux finish applicator. Color wash and marbleizing is a couple of the most popular, and the impact is dramatic. These can enhance any themed environment also when used on walls or wood furniture to further bring the theme to life in the environment.

Creative Scenic Art uses artistry and imagination to transform the world around us. They custom create scenic environments, animal sculptures, and other carvings for theme parks, retailers, trade shows and special events. All of their work begins with the client. They can turn a simple sketch into a masterpiece.

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