Viapost The new definition of connected logistics

Viapost, the new La Poste brand, is proud to introduce the seamless experience in connected fulfillment and logistics services for its clients in online and offline shopping channels. The brand is going to leverage its expertise in European shipping and strong network of European contact centers to bring its fulfillment solutions to the next level. - by Benjamin I - 2015/05/04

The Expert in Ecommerce fulfillment and Shipping Solutions

Viapost has years of experience in European fulfillment. These years of experience have shaped Viapost into the expert in logistics services with strong local presence in different European markets. Through the years of technology innovation, Viapost has transformed its business into highly digitalized services that continuously improve the efficiency and accuracy of the order preparation operations. From goods receipt, shipping, order traceability, secure storage to returns management, Viapost ensures the most streamlined process of delivering products from its clients to their customers.


Achieving excellence in every order is only the basic, Viapost strives to develop better solutions in the logistic and consulting services for online and offline retail clients. The research and development team of Viapost consistently looks for new trends to help clients manage their sales strategy and forecasting, which offers insights in sales peaks estimation, stocks adjustment and other related operations. The advanced information system and technologies allows Viapost to offer scalable yet tailor-made solutions for its clients regardless of their business sector, helping them expand globally while excelling on a local level.


Striving Excellence in European Customer Service

Viapost’s customer care solutions helps clients to stay on top of the game. To deliver the best experience to its clients and their customers, Viapost operates multi-lingual contact centers all over Europe in order to provide a complete customer service. Viapost’s European contact centers are supported by native speakers with in-depth knowledge of local markets handling customer’s requests around the clock. These highly trained local experts respond to live chats, phone calls, e-mails about product information, order placement, delivery tracking, management of returned goods and other inquiries. Viapost’s European customer service acts as a reliable support in different languages across different time zones, which helps increase customer satisfaction for both online and offline retailers. With the strong expertise in European fulfillment and an immense network of European contact centers, Viapost serves as an ideal partner for online and offline retailers in their European expansion plans.


About Viapost

Viapost is a leading European logistic company that provides connected services in fulfillment, shipping and transport, customer care solutions and consultancy to online and offline retailers. Viapost acts as a consultant and strategic partner who helps merchants from different business sectors to expand in the European market and stay on top of the game. For more information, please visit Viapost.  

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