Only a few Days Left to participate in Birds Revolution Contest!

Birds Revolution reminds all its esteemed buffs to participate in the questionnaire contest before deadline to avoid the disappointment. - by Birds Revolution - 2014/07/21

Lebanon (July 22, 2014)—Dear guys and gals, today we have to make an important announcement about the long-awaited and hyped BirdsBeep Revolution Contest. This contest, as you might be aware of, is a questionnaire with very simple questions that a participant needs to answer correctly in order to turn up as a confirmed winner. While it’s already more than two months the BBR contest has been in the public attention, the deadline to participate in the contest is close at hand once and for all. With this in mind, we remind every avid person to involve himself/herself in the contest as early as possible in order to avoid the disappointment. Essentially, the early-bird arrivals are welcome with open arms to participate in the BBR contest.

There is a confirmed grand prize for every winner in the contest. The name of the winners will be notified to every participant via Email.

So if you are geared up to participate in the BBR’s questionnaire contest then feel at ease because answering a few simple questions is not a Herculean task for anyone with general knowledge and yet whether you win or lose you will enjoy being the participant of Birds Revolution contest.

Note: The link enabling you to participate in the contest is available within all the pages of Birds Revolution website. 

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