A Luna Blue Offers Exciting Package Discounts on all Single Clips and Video Compilation

A Luna Blue, the premier stock video and footage company is all set to offer jaw-dropping bundle discounts on the purchase of all specific individual footage clips and video compilation. - by Raymond Pettitt - 2014/03/12
Los Angeles (March 11, 2014) – A Luna Blue, the premier stock video and footage company is all set to offer jaw-dropping bundle discounts on the purchase of all specific individual footage clips and video compilation. The company is offering multiple video formats download at a price, which is lowest in the market and a no brainer for the footage connoisseurs and those dealing in digital industry.

Ranging from Multimedia clips starting from $9, NTSC and pal clips from $19 and HD clips from $29, you can be sure that there is a footage clip available suiting your preferences and needs. So whether you are looking to grab HD, DV clips, NTSC & pal clips or multimedia clips, rest assured that you will be able to avail guaranteed heavier discount on an individual footage clip or footage libraries.

They offer bundle discounts on all single clips and compilation as you follow:

Any two similar products: 10% discount.
Any three similar products: 20% discount.
Any four similar products: 30% discount.
Any five similar products: 40% discount.

Since its year of launch, A Luna Blue has been a magnet for a plethora of videographers, movie producers, digital artists, and marketing entities to get every type of stock footage, video backgrounds, animations and videos of the type they are looking for. And the Los Angeles footage company is always ready to assist its clients wholeheartedly without burning a hole in their pockets.

With best interests and ideas in their minds, the company has been dedicatedly serving its clients since ever and yet does not rest on the laurels but still tends to update its services on an end-to-end basis. A Luna Blue is the exclusive website carrying endless footage and video archives where you have to invest least and yet you are entitled to receive videos and footage clips in the format fitting your requirements. A Luna Blue is a company committed to follow state-of-the-art technology, therefore with that said, you are sure to receive innovative stock footage with ease of use and amazing affordability in term of price.

The company has lately innovated its services to make the users’ experience more ease of use and convenient. With user-friendly site navigation and added innovative features, your visit and exploration to the website will be a rewarding experience.  At A Luna Blue, finding your favorite stock video clips, motion graphics, and video backgrounds is easier than ever before.

In fact, A Luna Blue has a successful history about its footage database, which is used by thousands of contented customers dealing in media, digital marketing, web marketing, corporate video, film producers and editorial projects etc.

About A Luna Blue:

A Luna Blue, an established and leading company in Los Angeles deals in royalty free stock, video, footage and video backgrounds.  The footage and video backgrounds we offer on our website are royalty free and sky is the limit about the usage. No matter which industry you belong to, we strongly encourage you to use our free feature movies, broadcast video, commercial, industrial, educational video and the internet featured in our gallery depending on your needs.

We request you to visit our website to check out our royalty free video titles and we are confident that you will appreciate our footage and video database easily.

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