Oregon-Based Dermatologist Dr. Beata Rydzik Explains the Best Treatments for Female Hair Loss

Dr. Beata Rydzik discusses the various surgical and non-invasive treatment options available for women who are experiencing the often embarrassing issue of hair loss. - by Dr. Bernard Gasch - 2014/03/10
Portland, OR (easy-pressrelease) March 7, 2014 - Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, such as stress, aging, hereditary conditions, genetics, diet or an underlying medical problem. While many people think of hair loss as a problem among men, but women can just as easily be impacted by this condition, explains Portland-based dermatologist Dr. Beata Rydzik.

Hair loss may leave patients with pattern baldness, thinning hair, or even bald patches, explains Dr. Rydzik of the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery.

"The loss of hair is undesirable, especially for women, since it drastically changes one's appearance, which can negatively impact self-confidence," says Dr. Rydzik. "Fortunately, there are many effective treatments available for patients who want to correct this bothersome condition."

"Hair transplant surgery is extremely popular among men who are experiencing pattern baldness," Dr. Rydzik continues, "However; the procedure is also gaining popularity among women who are experiencing hair loss."

Hair transplantation is a simple surgical technique, during which hair follicles are transferred from areas of actively growing hair to areas of baldness. The balding area is then adequately covered, so that it looks healthy and natural.

The procedure can take up to eight hours to complete, but that will depend on the size of the area being treated. A second, less popular, procedure for hair loss is scalp reduction surgery, which is done to completely surgically remove areas of the scalp that are balding.

Dr. Rydzik explains that ideal female candidates for hair transplant surgery are women who have a distinct pattern of baldness, similar to that of male pattern baldness. She adds that the surgery may also be beneficial for women who have lost hair due to trauma or burns, since the procedure can stimulate hair re-growth.

"The procedure is best for patients with realistic expectations about the procedure," Dr. Rydzik adds. "It is important for patients to understand that hair loss may progress, even after surgery, and that additional treatments may be necessary in the future."

Aside from hair transplant surgery, Dr. Rydzik advises also female patients to consider less invasive methods of treatment.

"Many patients choose to treat hair loss with more simple methods, such as hair growth medication, topical foams and shampoos" she says. "The best treatment option for each patient will depend on the location and the extent of their hair loss. We encourage any woman who is experiencing significant hair loss to learn more about their treatment options by consulting a qualified dermatologist."

Patients in the Portland or Hillsboro, Oregon, areas are encouraged to learn more at http://www.centerdermlaser.com.

About Dr. Rydzik

Dr. Beata Rydzik is a highly regarded dermatologist practicing in Portland and Hillsboro, Oregon.

Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

Dr. Rydzik is a graduate of University of Michigan Medical School in 2000.

She completed her Internal Medicine internship and residency in Dermatology also at the University of Michigan in 2004 and has been practicing in Oregon ever since.

Along with her colleague, Dr. Bernard Gasch and Dr. Beata Rydzik can be reached at 503-297-3440 in Portland or 503-297-3440 in Hillsboro. Interested parties can also visit their website at http://www.centerdermlaser.com.

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