Agha Window Cleaning Services Offers Unique Pole Fed System Based High Rise Window Cleaning

Agha Window Cleaning services is one of the best companies in Dubai that offers high rise window cleaning solutions using the unique pole fed window cleaning method. - by Agha Window - 2014/01/13
If you think that cleaning windows is a simple job, think again. It is not just a matter of wiping surface, there’s much more to it. Especially, when it comes to high rise window cleaning high rise, not just the right technique but also the right knowledge of safety measures is required.

The traditional way of cleaning office windows cannot be applied to high rise windows. The reason is because windows are extremely inaccessible.  Cleaning the windows from outside requires special tools which only the professional window cleaners have. Window cleaning was regarded as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world until the introduction of water fed pole technology which is a safe way of cleaning high rise windows.

Agha Window Cleaning Services is one of the few companies in Dubai that uses this unique window cleaning method. The breakthrough technology enables their professionally trained cleaning operatives to safely reach normally inaccessible high windows from ground level, therefore without the intrusion of ladders. Agha Window Cleaners have various lengths of poles at their disposal that can reach up to 5 floors in height, this method is widely used across Europe and US because of the high safety element associated with it.

This method of high rise window cleaning is not just extremely safe but also, eco-friendly. Purified water is used instead of soaps and detergents which means there is no chance of detergent run-off to the ground. Also, the windows cleaned by using this method stay clean for longer as pure water forms no film on the glass windows, thus keeping them clean for longer duration.

Keeping your high rise windows clean is very important for your business. Clean and fresh windows attract more clients and good opportunities.  It is actually one way of improving the entire workplace. Therefore, it is very important to entrust this responsibility to a window cleaning company that uses the latest and safest cleaning methods to give you exceptionally clean windows.

Agha Window Cleaning Services uses the unique pole fed window cleaning method to give your windows a shine like never before.

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