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Exploding myths about acne and providing accurate information as well as reviews of treatments available is the objective of the web site. - by Acne Treatments - 2014/01/10
One's teenager years are filled with all sorts of changes. Growth hormones and testosterone set off a number of changes in your body which result in all sorts of changes. For boys they start growing bodily and facial hair, their voices break and change in tone from a treble tone to a tenor or baritone and they start experiencing mood changes and sexual desire.

In girls the changes are even more profound with the buttocks rounding out, breast developing and hair around the pubic mound, accompanied by the beginning of menstrual cycles which usually become a regular monthly occurrence. They may also experience wild mood swings and sexual desire.

But both girls and boys experience a common problem: Pimples and Blackheads. Around 80% of all teenagers will suffer from some outbreaks of acne, some very severe and others mild. Unfortunately these tend to be on the face and as a result are somewhat unsightly and embarrassing. Youngsters suffering from severe outbreaks of pimples may feel socially excluded and unattractive to the opposite sex which compounds the problems of dealing with a new body, the poorly understood urges and mood swings that are part of growing up.

Lots of misinformation surrounds acne, myths about hygiene, diet, lifestyle and sexual activity and exposure to sunlight and so on. The web site you reach when you click on Best Acne Treatment for Teens discusses all of these and gives a balanced account of all current thinking and advice about Acne Spot Treatment for the different types of acne. Essentially pimple are a natural result of one's gland waking up and producing oils which react with dead skin cells and the bacteria that abound on one's skin. If left alone they will go away naturally, if popped they may cause scarring but in any event will leave a red spot for a short time.

The web site also goes about exploding many of the myths surrounding this difficult subject about which there is a lot of misinformation floating around. For example there is no proven relationship between diet and acne infestations. Some people can eat all the chocolate they want and get no more pimples than someone who avoids chocolate. Excessive chocolate consumption may cause other health problems as can the consumption of hi calorie, high fat and high salt foodstuffs but these on their own appear to have no relation to pimples and blackheads.

For girls the birth control pill stimulates estrogen which seems to have a positive result in the reduction of acne but that is not the only cure by any means

But taking care of the skin, scrubbing and washing using cleansers and drinking lots of water helps. The website provides reviews of the many natural products that are available on the market to help find the best acne treatment for teens. Click on any of the links and read the data and the reviews provided.

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