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Personal Eyes Optometry is one of the top professional eye care Sydney residents have turned to a full eye examination and diagnosis. - by PersonalEyes Optometry - 2013/12/27
Personal Eyes Optometry is one of the top professional eye care Sydney residents have turned to since 1982. Located in the Dymocks Building, Personal Eyes Optometry provides a comfortable and relaxing place for patients to seek assistance or treatment for their eyes. Their team of experts can provide a full eye examination and diagnosis so that patients can get personalized advice of how to care for their eyes. It's a one stop shop for all of your vision and eye care needs.

Unfortunately, many people neglect their eyes and fail to get them checked every few years. Although it is recommended to get an a routine eye examine every two years, many will only seek help from a professional once they start having physical pain in their eyes or have difficulty seeing. Personal Eyes Optometry believes that taking care of your eyes and getting routine care is an important part of a person's overall health and well being. They invite those who haven't had a check-up performed in the last few years to call their office to make an appointment. One of their experienced optometrists would be pleased to provide eye testing Sydney residents need as well as a diagnosis, ensuring all patients vision is the very best it can be.

No matter what age someone is, it is never too soon to start a proper eye care routine. Without taking preventative measures, a child or even an adult may go years with an undetected eye issue that could progress causing irreparable damage. Particularly in adults, it can be quite difficult to prevent further damage caused by neglected diseases. That's why is so important to get routine checkups for your eyes. Personal Eyes Optometry specialists are knowledgeable and experienced at identifying potential issues and problems with vision, and can provide clients with a unique treatment plan to suit their needs. All optometrists that work in their office have a minimum of 30 years of experience, making them the best resource for all of your eye care questions and concerns.

Patients who have been identified with having vision problems will be pleased to know that Personal Eyes Optometry also has a team of contact lenses specialists. In their shop they have displayed some of the nicest and highest quality contact lenses Sydney has. They even have specialized lenses that cater to those who need bifocal or progressive lenses as well as anyone who is suffering with astigmatism. Those patients who prefer a set of eyeglasses will love the large selection of unique and fashionable frames they have in stock.

Anyone who is looking for the most professional Optometrist Sydney has, is invited to contact Personal Eyes Optometry to book an examination with one of their experienced and knowledgeable optometrists. They would be pleased to address any concerns patients may have regarding their vision and to help them find the perfect glasses or contact lenses to complete their look and correct their vision issues. Personal Eyes Optometry also offers an emergency service which is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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