Hub Plumbing Sets High Standards with Red Carpet Service

Hub Plumbing and Mechanical (a prominent professional plumbing contractor in Boston) is setting superb standards in the service industry with their Red Carpet service. - by John Wood - 2011/05/31

South Boston, MA (Press Release – April 25, 2011) – People always want quality plumbing services. For the best quality plumbing service experience, they don’t hesitate to spend some extra money. For customers who especially value top quality and cleanliness, Hub Plumbing and Mechanical has now offers Red Carpet service, which is setting new standards in the service industry.


Hub Plumbing and Mechanical is a prominent plumbing contractor located in Boston. The company introduced Red Carpet service to benefit their elite plumbing customers. Unlike other plumbing contractors, plumbing technicians from Hub Plumbing arrive at your home rolling out a red carpet to protect your floor, covering their work boots with stain-resistant booties, wearing ID badges for security purposes, and dressing in crisp, clean uniforms.


Hub Plumbing and Mechanical takes plumbing services to the next level by making it a very customer-centric experience. This Boston plumbing contractor is a full-service company assisting residential and commercial customers with sewer/drain clogs, garbage disposals, water heaters, water filtration, steam and hot water boilers, thermostats, leaky faucets, tub valves, gas pipes, appliance installation, outside hose faucets and more.


To learn more about Hub Plumbing and Mechanical or to hire their plumbing professionals and experience the true difference between traditional plumbing and their Red Carpet service, please visit or call 1-866-HUBPLUMBING.


About the Hub Plumbing & Mechanical – Hub Plumbing & Mechanical (the prominent Boston plumber) offers full service plumbing in Boston and nearby communities in Massachusetts. The company (established in 1999) has 16 full time employees to handle any kind of plumbing problem or emergency. They assist residential and commercial customers with regular plumbing services, as well as emergency plumbing issues.
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Hub Plumbing & Mechanical of Boston
70 Old Colony Avenue South Boston, MA
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