Sunless Tanning Products Just Recently Added to the Sun Laboratories Product Inventory

Find out about the new sunless tanning products that were just recently added to the Sun Laboratories product inventory. - by Sun Laboratories - 2012/11/22
Sun Laboratories is a company that always seems to have something new to announce! They are moving in the right direction as a sunless tanning product provider and they have an endless amount of fake tanning products to offer their customers. The best part about Sun Labs is that they truly care about the consumer, they are constantly adding new lotions, creams, sprays and roll-on products to their sunless tanning product inventory.

Some of the lotions that they have just recently added to their product inventory are truly one-of-a-kind. They are Sunless Tanning Products that you cannot find through any other fake tanning provider. They offer you great benefits to your skin, such as hydration, shin and much more. If you want to turn your skin a tan color but you also want to provide your skin with some soothing benefits, their lotions are the products that you will want to check out. The Sun Laboratories product inventory is constantly expanding and lotions are their main product.

The sunless tanning product creams that were just recently added to the Sun Laboratories inventory are very similar to lotions, but they have some slight differences. The creams are more designed toward specific areas of your body that you want to provide a tan for. For instance, your face is a good example. If you specifically want to provide a tan to your face but you would rather leave your body untouched, their creams are an excellent solution.

Spray Tans
Purchasing your own spray tan products from a company like Sun Laboratories is a great way to save money for yourself. Rather than going to a tanning salon and getting a spray tan there, you can do it from home! The only downside to this is that it's more difficult to evenly apply the solution when you are applying the spray tan yourself. For instance, you might over-spray the tan on some parts of your body or under-spray the tan on others - which would result in an uneven all around tan. Keep in mind though, if you have someone apply the spray tan to you and you don't do it yourself, it can be easier to evenly apply the solution. You can also go to a tanning salon and they will often have spray tan machines called mystics that will apply the tan for you. This can be a lot more expensive, but it is beneficial if you are worried about being able to do it yourself. Sun Laboratories actually provides a lot of tanning salons with their spray tan solution.

Roll-on Tans
Roll-on tans help you apply the solution much more evenly, but they can be a pain to work with. Essentially, the title says it all. The roll-on product allows you to roll the tan onto your body. Essentially, there is a roll-on mechanism that is attached to a bottle that supplies the solution. You simply roll this bottle over your entire body and it will instantly turn you can and make you look great!

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