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King Nestle International Company Offers Fast Delivery of Seafood Products


King Nestle International Company has been offering fast delivery of seafood products for its customers. - by Xu Lixing

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China (Press Release – August 9, 2012) - King Nestle International Company has been offering fast delivery of seafood products for its customers.


King Nestle International Company specializes in supplying the highest quality seafood products at the very best prices. It is associated with the best factories which are identical in so far as they have the best production methods. They have been offering instant delivery of seafood products to its customers in order to enhance their ordering experience.


King Nestle International Company has their international reach and supply frozen tilapia fillet, frozen squid, seafood mixed, monk fish, other fish fillet such Salmon, etc. to the international market. Their team is enthusiastic, dedicated and provide result-oriented work for optimum level of satisfaction. The company is also renowned to offer 24/7 and guaranteed services to its customers.


The company has the highest quality of products to offer and maintain the most competitive price for the seafood selection products. People can browse their website for the products like golden pompano, frozen squid and other seafood from china at: http://www.frozenseafoodchina.com/ 


About King Nestle International Company –


King Nestle International Company specializes in supplying of the highest quality seafood products.  They understand and practice the prime importance of the seafood products highest quality, competitiveness, communication and responsiveness along with highly customer service and dedication to their clients in the seafood business.

Contact Information:


Ms. Xu Lixing


MSN: knseafood@hotmail.com

Mobile: +86 136 7023 8688    

Tel/fax: +86 755 2391 1851

Website: http://www.frozenseafoodchina.com/


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Contact Information

Media Contact:

King Nestle
+86 13670238688


+86 13670238688






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