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Ring In The New Year At The Luxurious Centerpoint Marriott With Jay Towers & Detroits Most Festive Partygoers

The Social Connection and are pleased to present New Years Eve 2012 Centerpoint, an upscale, exciting affair for 1,200 discerning guests.


Social Connection Inviting Party Enthusiasts for Resolution Ball 2012 at Fillmore Theatre in Detroit

New Years Eve - Social Connection has announced Resolution Ball 2012 at Fillmore Theatre in Detroit for Party Enthusiasts.

16/Dec Features New Year Eve Celebration Parties at its Website in Different locations in Detroit has been featuring New Year Eve celebration party at its website in Different locations in Detroit, Michigan.


UV Cards - Establishing Itself As Primary Printing Partner for Modern Businesses

UV Cards (the online business stationery printing service provider) is establishing itself as primary printing partner for modern businesses.


Gogo Furniture “ Redefining Home Furnishing Trends in Tri-State Area

GoGo Furniture (the designer furniture store based in Brooklyn, NY) is redefining home furnishing trends in Brooklyn.


Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Service Plans Save Customers Time and Money

Hub Plumbing and Mechanical (the Boston MA based plumbing contractor) offers a selection of time- and cost-saving service plans.


Blooms Landcare - Providing Landscape Design & Installation in Fort Worth TX

Blooms Landcare (the Fort Worth TX, based landscaping company) is providing landscape design and installation services.


Premier Foot and Ankle Offers Podiatric Services in Plano & McKinney

Premier Foot and Ankle (the Plano, TX based podiatry clinic) is offering the best podiatric services in Plano and McKinney.


Colleyville Animal Clinic Minimizes Pet Care Efforts

Through an excellent selection of services, Colleyville Animal Clinic is working to minimize pet care efforts for pet owners in Colleyville.



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