Press Release for "Books"

Geminid Press Launches the Highly Anticipated Science Fiction Thriller, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project

This press release outlines the benefits of buying square head bolts from ASMC Industrial.


New Author, Cheri Blossum, Pens "Secrets & Seduction," a Modern Erotic Romantic Thriller

Secrets & Seduction, a gripping tale about online romance orchestrated by internet intrigue has an air of authenticity that sounds too real to be fiction


Bookslab is the UK's Number One Online Wholesale Book Store

Checkout Bookslab whenever you feel like finding a great new book to read.


Graphic Novel Obliterates Impossible Funding Goal On Kickstarter Nearly Overnight!

In a not so distant future, as global society is catapulted into civil unrest, only one force stands able and willing to fight for stability and peace - Treadwater.


Structured Settlements - Purchasing a Structured Settlement

Structured settlements are becoming common these days and one can find many such deals even on the internet.


Book Hero Introducing Cost Effective Way of Getting College Textbooks

Book Hero Australia introduces a cost effective way of getting university and college textbooks.


Book Hero “ Presenting Unique Student Referral Program

Book Hero (the prominent online book rental service provider in Australia) presents unique student referral program.


UV Cards - Establishing Itself As Primary Printing Partner for Modern Businesses

UV Cards (the online business stationery printing service provider) is establishing itself as primary printing partner for modern businesses.


Gogo Furniture “ Redefining Home Furnishing Trends in Tri-State Area

GoGo Furniture (the designer furniture store based in Brooklyn, NY) is redefining home furnishing trends in Brooklyn.



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