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New Joyful Prayers Website Reminds People There's Still Hope for Humanity

Announcing the launch of Joyful Prayers website, including a page focused on Poems on Encouragement. The website serves as a comprehensive source of spiritual poems, songs and prayers.


My Prayers.Net: A Website that Feeds your Inner Search for Spiritual Connection

My Prayers is an online resource of inspirational poems, songs and essays worth reading as you seek a greater connection with God.

29/Jan Offers Access to New and Old Joyful Songs and Joyful Poems

My Prayers offers some of the best in joyful songs and joyful poems found on the internet. It also offers some of the most beautiful artwork of all time.

02/Jan offers Joyful new Songs and Poems to Uplift and Inspire

Experience uplifting songs, poetry, and more throughout your daily life.


Global Art Hub Warehouse

A crowd funding and sponsorship to buy a warehouse for the development of the global art community.


The Sublime Galleria - A Plethora of Artists and Creative Ventures

India’s first Sky Gallery, Sublime Galleria is a dynamic meeting ground for upcoming artists, art connoisseurs and buyers. Founded in 2009, Sublime is a renowned platform for the promotion of diversity and innovation in art.


Polyurethanes for Quality Molds and Lifecasts

Polyurethane rubbers are fast gaining popularity as the mold making and lifecasting rubber of choice for mold makers and hobbyists alike.


Reflective and Laminated Traffic Signs to ensure Road Safety

Every city needs to ensure that traffic signs are in place to ensure that motorists are in compliance with common traffic laws.


New Embroidered Gifts For Personalized Gifts To Friends or Family!

Find out about the new embroidered gifts that are perfect for giving a personalized gift to a friend or family member.



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